Corona Package

We have compiled a package supporting Vaccine and Virology research given the current Corona situation.

In Vaccine and Virology, optimization of workflow like expansion of cells, quality control and real-time assay development are of utmost importance.

Vaccine and Virology workflows should be:

  • simple, robust and cost-effective
  • allow high-throughput assay development
  • enable continuous sampling throughout the process
  • easy to set up and require little attention
  • provide highly reproducible results

CERO, CASY and RTCA xCelliegence, a combination which is your fastest way to reliable expansion and infection of cells, quality control and real-time assay development in fields of vaccine production and virology research.
In following find some information about these devices and descriptions of corona package contents associated with it.

CERO - 3D benchtop incubator & bioreactor

CERO is the best choice when it comes to cultivation of spheroids, organoids or even tissue.

  • improves expansion and cell infection
  • enables long term maturation and differentiation
  • minimizes need for manual interaction
  • reduces demand in consumption of expensive media

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CASY - The legendary Cell Counter that can do so much more

Since decades, CASY proves its reliability and precision in hundreds of places globally every day

  • new acquisition and analysis software
  • continous sampling throughout the process
  • quality control – detect slightest changes of your cells
  • results in seconds
    • no staining needed
    • cell count, cell viability, cell size, cell aggregation and total biomass
  • hundreds of publications

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RTCA xCelligence - Reliable tool for studying virus-mediated cytopathogenicity

For many years, RTCA xCelligence technology has been proving its reliability and precision in vaccine and virology research.

  • fast and high throughput
  • real-time: quantitative monitoring of CPE
  • label free and imaging methods combined
  • accurate, precise and highly reproducible
  • easy work flow: requires only the addition of virus to host cells

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Curiox Laminar Wash™ Systems for Flow Cytometry

The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in shifting priorities for many researchers. Sample handling of COVID-19 samples is extremely important and may need to be conducted in a biosafety cabinet.
With the CURIOX Laminar Cell Washer we provide a proven technology that enables you to:

  • Process infectious samples completely within a biosafety cabinet
  • Washing without centrifugation, eliminating aerosolization of potentially infectious samples
  • Improve consistency of flow cytometry data using centrifuge-less washing
  • Increase cell retention compared to centrifugation

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In this video you will learn how whole blood samples are easily processed with the CURIOX Laminar Flow Washer without centrifugation in a biosafety cabinent.

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